Dil blog 2015/6/20

Hi all i am going to write MAX blog today. I have done AM/PM rafting trip today it was fun today weather is cloudy but river was not much cold todays clients are all jump in the water hope all had good time in river i like to say thanks all i have put down some todays some picture please have a look thank you.



IMG_1133 IMG_1162 IMG_1173 IMG_1176 IMG_1188 IMG_1196 IMG_1210 - コピー IMG_1228 - コピー IMG_1242 IMG_1270 IMG_1278

One thought on “Dil blog 2015/6/20

  1. Hester

    If Saad, Bickel and Hayes would use their size more, check first score second, then arn’t these guys are close/similar to those. I dont know how/where you get a Laddy or BuaSeLadd-?Buff-?Brouw.r-fafd or StalburgBurish-Carcillo or ShawEager-Bickel or Hayes*With Bolland at center, woud Danault be like a Versteeg or more like Ladd.




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